Blair Wilson formally welcomes Morgan Jones and Ciaran Wilson as full members of the choir


David Marks: 07785 242 450,

We are excited to welcome new members, we are a friendly group of men who love singing and socialising and welcome men from all backgrounds and groups. We think everyone can sing, especially in a choir, come and join us.

-      Meet like minded friends who love to sing a wide range of traditional and modern music.

-      Contribute to the variety of performing arts scene which exists in Chester City,

-      Perform in and around the city, all around the UK and on occasions travel abroad,

-      Support local charities and good causes,

_      You do not need to read music, if you think you can sing you could join our choir.



Morgan Jones, Baritone, has said: "I’ve lived in Great Boughton for over 20 years.  My dad is Welsh and has been in male voice choirs for my whole life.  I remember various family weddings (including my own) where we had a male voice choir, and my dad and other family members would ‘leave’ the event to join the choir and sing with them.  I’ve always assumed I’d join a choir at some point, but never quite got round to it."

Morgan, 47 added " I recently found myself with a lot more time on my hands after my twins had both gone off to University, so I contacted the choir and was invited to the next rehearsal.  From that first rehearsal on it’s been a really warm and welcoming group.  I’m enjoying learning to sing harmony parts, which I’d never done before, and just being a part of something that sounds so powerful. I did my first performance recently at Chester Market and whilst it made me realise how much more practice I need, I still really enjoyed myself.  I’m really looking forward to inviting my dad to come and listen at some point soon."
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